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Clear Toughened Glass

Glass Cut to Size

Toughened Glass


What is Clear Glass?

Clear glass is typically what you’ll find in windows and commercial doors. Also known as annealed or standard glass, it’s one of the most common everyday glass types available.

Clear glass is what we commonly associate with when we think of glass: that with no visible tint or additives that make it anything but transparent. However, when float glass comes off the line, the presence of iron shows up as a green tint. You might notice a slight green tint to the glass or green edges. The green tint becomes even more prominent when looking at an angle and gets darker as glass thickness increases. The green tint is due to the natural presence of iron oxide from elements such as sand, or from the cask or container in which the glass was melted.

Low-Iron Glass was developed to lessen the green tint and create more transparent, clear glass.

Where is Clear Glass Used?


How to Order Toughened Glass Online
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    Select Shape and Input Dimensions

    The first step is to cut the glass into your desired shape. Simply use our online calculators to find the shape that fits your space and input the required dimensions below. We can cut glass to all shapes and sizes no matter how irregular. If we cannot fulfil your need online, simply fill out an online enquiry and let us know your requirements.

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    Select Glass Thickness

    Clear Glass is available in thickness ranging from 4 mm to 19 mm. Although our online calculators can cater for sizes up to 900mm x 2800mm, we can process larger panels up to 3210mm X 2250mm. Please send us an enquiry for oversize pane requests.

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    Fabrication, such as edging drilling or etching must be completed before toughening, Please note once the glass has been toughened, it cannot be altered. Therefore please ensure your sizes and glass customisations are correct prior to placing your order.

** Please note our online calculators require measurements in milimeters (mm).

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Clear Toughened Glass